Like my parents whom were born and raised in Cuba, They came to this country when I was just four years old. My parents hard work and dedication to succeed solidified my entrepreneurial drive to succeed . I came to this country from Cuba at the age of four. My true drive started to show at the age of 16 when I started with DJing local parties and Weddings that became wildly popular and the IT place to be. With the success of my local DJing gigs the demand for my parties grew and at the age of 20 I opened my first nightclub RJ's Teen Club. RJ’s became so wildly popular it would fill to capacity every weekend with anywhere from 600-1000 people. I then went on to open the one and only FUN HOUSE Night Club in West Palm Beach, Florida. FUNHOUSE quickly became tremendously successful and famous locally in Palm Beach County. With the success of Fun House behind me , I then expanded to Clematis Street, a very popular downtown area of West Palm Beach, where I owned and operated three night clubs MOJO lounge, Ultra Lounge, and 313 Clematis. 30 years and 27 successful clubs later I felt it was time for a change and I wanted to pursue another passion of mine The Real Estate Industry. Three years ago I started my Real Estate career. It's embedded in my blood to work hard and help others that how I knew Real Estate would be something I would flourish in. Within the first year of my Real Estate business I hit the ground running with two million dollar in sales along with a Million dollar listing. The following year I topped my performance with five million dollar plus New Construction sales and multiple general real estate sales. So far for 2018 I have five new construction pending sales, listed a residential new construction boutique condo building and over 10 million in GCI to date. Soon I will be listing a new 10 unit waterfront luxury boutique condo. Las Olas in East Fort Lauderdale is where I generate 90% of my business. Most of my clients come from West Broward County where I am very knowledgeable of their property values, inventory and demands. I've figured out the East - West connection is really a good way to build the business. The Fort Lauderdale market is a special and unique market where most buyers are young empty Nester's, middle aged professionals, middle aged business owners and professionals which are higher Luxury buyers. The restaurants and shops are geared towards that same type of a crowd. Currently, Fort Lauderdale is the market that is most cost affective compared to Miami. Miami is very over priced and there is an abundance of inventory. Fort Lauderdale's inventory is more limited and the fact that nothing was built from around 2008 to 2015 makes the New Construction sales really hot! What attracted me to Engel & Voelkers was its a Luxury Brand that is Global. This is a major plus when it comes to clients coming from overseas. The name carries a style and charisma in the High End Luxury Market which is what I love. Clients from everywhere in the world come to South Florida and Engel & Voelkers Fort Lauderdale will be there to greet them with open arms and help them with all of their Real Estate needs. Our short term goal is to grow in the 1st year to about 12 to 15 agents. The long term goal is to have 4 offices in the greater Fort Lauderdale area so we can service the clients in the areas they live and play without them having to travel. We will make building Agents areas and businesses a TOP PRIORITY! As everyone knows in business you are only as good as the team around you. Engel & Volkers will be marketed and brought to a level that Both Clients and Agents will find excited. The agents we are looking for vary because we will have a mix of new, some what experienced and seasoned agents. We will be looking for only a couple of agents for each submarket. We don’t want or need 10 or 20 agents all working the same clients. There are many areas where agents can make 6 figure incomes why work the same area when the office will help you be the best in your area. Part of our goals is to merge with certain teams or offices to grow at a controlled pace. Certain Brokers are figuring out that it is harder and harder to go up against the larger firms so it is easier to join them and get rid of the over head. We will have a gentlemen (Craig Anderson) in charge of mergers, acquisition and roll ins so the other agents can concentrate on selling. Our Broker specifically will train and work with agents. Recruiting is a separate department that myself and a few admins will be working on. Wether you are a New or some what of a seasoned agent you will get marketing, social media and farming area help from our office. Seasoned agents will get as much or as little help as they want. The office is looking for the FUTURE REAL ESTATE STARS of tomorrow Today.

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